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November 4, 2010

Next Thursday (11th November) see’s the launch of our Australian based friends, Blotter. Their debut release comes from Pow! Pow! and is already gaining support from the likes of Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, Mowgli, Camel, Rainer Weichold and more.


01: Boogie Monster (Original Mix)
02: Boogie Monster (Tom Flynn Remix)
03: Back To The Boogie

Below is an exclusive preview of the release:



October 25, 2010

This month DeadFish is 2 years old. We decided to celebrate this with a 10 track remix album of our back catalogue re-worked by all our friends.

This includes remixes by Me (Mowgli), Solo, Round Table Knights, Luca Lozano, Nat Self, Renaissance Man, Tom Flynn, Camel, Yankee Zulu and Yolanda Be Cool….

Grab your copy on BEATPORT!

DEADFISH Remixed Vol.1 by DeadFish audio


01. Mowgli & Solo – Tatanka (Luca Lozano Black & White Rmx)
02. Solo – Joga Bola (Round Table Knights Rmx)
03. Round Table Knights – Belly Dance (Solo Rmx)
04. Mowgli – Alma Gitana (Camel Rmx)
05. Camel – Zig Zag (Mowgli Rmx)
06. Camel – Cohiba (Nat Self Rmx)
07. Mowgli – London To Paris (Tom Flynn Rmx)
08. Camel – Obrigado (Yolanda Be Cool Rmx)
09. Camel – Mariachi (Yankee Zulu Rmx)
10. Solo – Afreaka (Renaissance Man Rmx)

DFEP17 – ZDS feat SPOEK – We Should Bang Tonight Ep + ZDS DeadFish podcast Mix !!

September 6, 2010

Lucas and Nat have been my first and best english friends since I moved to London 3 years ago. They helped me a lot when I didnt know anybody and couldnt speak a word of English ( even tho they’d say my English its still pretty bad ) 🙂

Their party, “Get Rude”, it’s the first party I ever played in London.
Said that its really not necessary to explain how happy I am to have finally a ZDS release on DF…

Re the track music speaks for itself, remixes are from Me (MOWGLI) and SOLO (Stefano Ritteri) … Enjoy.

DFEP17 – ZDS feat. SPOEK – We Should Bang Tonight Ep by DeadFish audio

Grab Your copy on BEATPORT!!

Also here a preview of their exclusive mix for the DEADFISH podcast !!

ZDS – DEADFISH Podcast mix 09/10 by DeadFish audio


September 5, 2010

Our man SOLO has some news to share…
His producer name has changed from SOLO (UK) to SOLO (STEFANO RITTERI) .

For anyone following him on BEATPORT , be aware of the changes so you can be up to date for his upcoming releases.

Here a preview of UNDERWORLD – Always loved a Film – SOLO (STEFANO RITTERI) remix

Underworld – “Always loved a film ” Solo Remix Preview by mrsolo

Grab your copy on BEATPORT!!

LA RIOTS – Bombah – MOWGLI rmx Out Now !!

August 18, 2010

MOWGLI remix for LA RIOTS [FOOL GOLD] is out today on BEATPORT!!

LA RIOTS-Bombah (Mowgli rmx)-96kb by Mowgli

Go Grab ur Copy on BEATPORT!!

SOLO RMX – MOWGLI feat Tara McDonald – Cant Stop Singing + JACKMODE mix

July 15, 2010

We have a double treat on this one…
Our man SOLO has nu hot rmx out of MOWGLI feat Tara McDonald – Cant Stop Singing….clearly loved on the dance floor …
…as you can see from the video.. check it out !!

Grab your copy on BeatPort!

+ an exclusive mix that SOLO made for JACKMODE. Enjoy it!!


01. No Worries-Butch
02. Como me Gusta
03. Et Moi-Voltaxxx Lissat
04. Cdr
05. Miami Whatever-Sebastian Leger
06. CdR
07. Briseuntokke-Mijail-C.Agras- Loko Rmx
08. Bama-D.Amo J Navas
09. Cdr
10. Piano Mistake-C.Agras-N.Oveda
11. ScrubThe Tub- Edwin Oosterwal
12. Cdr
13. Cdr

You can download it for free from here

CAMEL – Electric Cookin’ – Vol.1 – DF podcast 07/10

July 12, 2010

We have a fresh nu mix from CAMEL
Also features CAMEL nu rmx of FLOR DE CANA , MOWGLI upcoming release! Hot stuff people, get your sun cream on…


01.Skit M.I.P.W.
02.Solid Groove – Throwing Stones
03.Luna City Express – Mr Jack (Catz n Dogz RMX)
04.David Keno – Wait for more
05.Tim Green – Iotan
06.Pierce & Jeri – Roots 2.0
07.Dj T – Bateria – Special Dub
08.Jamie Anderson – Rare Grooves
09.Hectro Couto – On Funk
10.Camel – Bamboo
11.Nikola Gala – The Process
12.Andhim – Quetschkommode
13.Mowgli – Flor de cana (Camel RMX)
14.Round Table Knights – Stomper
15.Camel – Cohiba (Nat Self RMX)

You can download it for free from here

DFEP14 – CAMEL – Meltin Pot EP – Out Now !!

May 12, 2010

Summer is comin!! CAMEL knows it… and delivers 3 super hot sexy house tunez!
Go grab your copy on BEATPORT

Dj’s FeedBacks:

Brodinski: this is HOT HOT HOT! big up Camel…again!
Riva Starr: boogie nights for me x
Bingo Players: Liking the Meltin Pot track! Cheers!
Phra ( Crookers ): USPERPARABOLICA Phra
Dj Chuckie: Meltin Pot is my favourite for sure!!!!
LaRiots: Camel is always consistent with the quality of his releases. Looking forward to playing Bamboo in my sets.
Sinden: melting pot is a JAM, into this alot!
Nat ZDS: really like camels new stuff
Aston Shuffle: Supersickhousemoooooosik!!!!!!!!!!
Dj Beware: I love it! Meltin Pot is my fave, but all 3 are gonna get played! Thank u Deadfish and well done Camel!
Teki Latex: Boogie Nights is the one for me! Reminds me of my carreer in the Porn industry (good times)
Shir-Khan: Pure Disco-Vibes. I can feel the first breeze of Summer. Yes. Spring-Camel-Disco-Grooves. Will test this weekend.
Jet Project: Quality as per usual from my man Camel, this ep will deffo be getting some heavy rotation from me, love it.
Act Yo Age: Whoa! Another white hot EP – Deadfish you steal our hearts everytime!! Full support!! Love from Below! X
EDU K: Wow! Camel’s gettin’ better n’ better with each release! Totally loving the house vibe in these trax!
Andy George: looking forward to playing some of this in Ibiza for sure!!!
Hi Jack: funky stuff. dig all 3 tracks
Jaymo: Like Bamboo best!
Nick Catchdubs: boogie nights is the one i’ll be playing for sure, nice disco twist.
Malente: i’m jnto bamboo and melting pot is dope too! well done… again
Matt ( Yolanda be cool ): loving Bamboo…another deadfish winner
Andy ( Yolanda be cool ): Camel is all class.. I love this
Matt Walsh: Camel is the man when it comes to nu house!
Chris ( Round Table Knights ): Hot Hot Super Hot! Olé Camel!!!
Marc ( Round Table Knights ): CAAMMEL! Wow 3 great tracks! Cant wait to play them…meltin pot is my favourite!
Tepr: Makes me wanna drink a mojito! Melting Pot is my fav track, it will definitly be part of my next sets. Thx to Deadfish for delivering awesome tracks months after months 🙂 You guys rock.
Victor Harvardbass: melting pot got me feeling good inside! that female sample is classic! big up to camel!
Julio Bashmore: Large summer vibes, nice one!
Tommie Sunshine: this label can do no wrong. I would swear these tracks came out of Chicago in its heyday.
L-vis 1990: Maybe a little too “housey” for my sets but a strong ep all the same. One for the Terraces!
Martti ( Renaissance Man ): Cool ep for the summer. Boogie Nights’s dubbed disco groove is the favourite here.
Worthy: Lovin meltin Pot!!!!! Camel bringin it big once again… full support
Dj Neoteric: YES! SO GOOD. Exactly what i needed..summer vibes so strong, camel continues to impress with each release. loving bamboo but wishing i could click the heart beside each track. BLAOW!



01.Camel – Bamboo

02.Solo – Joja Bola (RTK rmx)

03.Hector Couto – African afterhours (D.S. rmx)

04.Tom Flynn – Hotel Room

05.David Keno – Upside down

06.Belocca – Bla bla

07.Malente & Dex – In Nightclubs (CAMEL rmx)

08.M.In – Ponte Regal

09.Dj Madskillz – Surface

10.Camel – Meltin Pot

11.Camel – Zig Zag (MOWGLI rmx)

12.TokTok – Circus

13.Andy Holman – Romehaus

14.Hanne & Lore – In Kalcutta

You can download it for free from iTunes here
or if you don’t have iTunes from here


April 27, 2010

Less then 2 months after his DF debut, Tom Flynn is back already with an another amazing Ep, proving he’s definitely one to watch!

Grab your copy on BEATPORT!

Dj’s Feedbacks:

Tom Findlay ( Groove Armada ): like the bouncy ‘just cant play’
Brodinski: Tom Flynn Killed This one. Hotel Rooms is Groovy As Hell, i can play Both track easily. x
Tim Green: hotel rooms is great!! will support
Marco Carola: nice tracks
Gramophonedzie: Nice driving tracks!
Rocky ( Xpress2 ): Niiiiice!
Riva Starr: nice ep
Camel: Playing both! Mr Flynn is on fire!
Sinden: lead track is very cool, nice sample too!
Round Table Knights: An other Tom Flynn Sure Shot!!! I love just cant play… Yes We can play and it’s Amazing!
Zombie Disco Squad: very nice! hotel rooms will slay!
Analog People in a Digital World: Hotel Rooms is just right up our street, will definitely support this. Just Can’t Play is also very well produced and effective. A very good double header.
Dj Neoteric: Just Cant Play is the one for me! and im still running Twisty!
Yolanda Be Cool: LOVE Hotel Rooms..and Just Cant Play…dude has low slung grooves on LOCK…wikkid
Edu K: Fuck yeah! Tom Flynn is def killin’ it …as usual! Luvin’ it n’ Just Can’t Play is goin’ straight to my sets!! Edu K
Matt Walsh: more house bombs from Tom, just cant play is the one for me!
Aston Shuffle: AMAZING!!!
Mathieu ( Surfing Leons ): Super quality as usual ! Directly in my cd box..
Shir Khan: That dude is on fire. Have been playing his latest DF-release a lot. Thx.
Dj Beware: Top quality tech house! DO I have to decide which one I like more? Difficult choice.. I will go for Hotel Rooms then, but thats just because its sunny outside…
Joyce Muniz: this ep is a summer banger !!! like both tracks just can play is my favourite afterhour tune already!!

MOWGLI – I WANT EVERYTHING Ep – Out Now!! + free nu Mix

April 12, 2010

Our main man MOWGLI has dropped another solid peace of work.

DJ’s Feedbacks:

Cassius: I played “i want everything” yesterday as first track in Rotterdam… it rocked
Tom Findlay (Groove Armada): love it
Crookers: My head spinning!
A-track: Loving the groovy vibes on the new EP. Both tracks are great, probably gonna play “I Want Everything” a bit more
Style Of Eye: loving these, playing both!
Dj Feadz: Panacea is cool!
Sinden: Sick release cant decide which side is better – panacea perhaps.
Chris Lake: Nice Ep, Very playable
Riton: Panancea will work in my sets probablyon first listen… good werk mate
Riva Starr: boom!
Douster: Love Panacea ! Heavy bassline action !
Tepr: I want Everything is dope! Another funky club perspective from Mowgli, you might be most played artist during my sets haha x
Worthy: i want everything…. I want in now!!!! shit is sick
Teki Latex: Panacea is the one for me. Mowgli stays on point like duduh duh duh duduh it’s the joint.
Aston Shuffle: Love It Love It Love It Love It
Dave Nada (Nadastrom): consistent fire from sir mowgli. always delivers, and i want EVERYTHING!
Harvardbass: i just want everything about this.
La Riots: Cant figure out which one of these two is the B side because they’re both amazing tracks. Just in time for WMC. Cant wait to see how they work on the dancefloor.
Matt Walsh: panacea is the one for me, will be playing it in Melbourne this weekend, like the housey vibe u have gone with this time!
Round Table Knights: I don’t want Everything I want more!!! AMAZING!!!
Djedjotronic: Both are killing it. Panacea is my fav. Love it
Camel: Another fine mix from mr Mow. Top Stuff!
Andy George: sounds wicked…. Always support Deadfish, doppppeee!
Tommie Sunshine: Mowgli doesn”t make any bad music. This keeps that fact strong. What a beast “I Want Everything” is and I intend on causing mayhem and destruction with it starting tonight at WMC.
Drop the Lime: love that boogie oogie in I want Everything. Definitely getting behind this release.. dropping it in sets
Meat katie: Excellent, both killers 😉
Yankee Zulu: MASSIVE! Cant wait to hammer “I Want Everything”
Shris Khan: Big Time. Strong powerfull grooves.
Dj Neoteric: Amazing release! Both tracks are hits, Mowgli 4 Prez!!!
Edu K: Pure sick stuff! WOW, i want EVERYTHING Mowgli n’ Dead Fish put out!
Joyce Muniz: mowgli did it again ,like both tracks ! i want everything is my favourite!!!!

Grab your copy on BEATPORT!!

Also we have a free nu MOWGLI mix for you to download…and a reminder that the 29/04/10 DEADFISH Family&Friends partyz celebrates MOW’s birthday with a legendary secret DJ guest!!
…so b there…


01.GRAMATIK – Equilibrium

02.YANKEE ZULU – Toma ( Camel rmx )

03.DETROIT GRAND PUBAHS – Surrender ( Martin Landski rmx )

04.THE HELLER AND FARLEY PRJCT feat. CEVIN FISHER – We Built this House ( Fire Island mix )

05.SOLOMUN – Cloud Dancer

06.DAVID KENO – Upisde Down


08.VERNON – Give Me Love ( Shaun Reeves and Lee Curtiss rmx )


10.MAD KIDS – I Know

11.SOLO – Joga Bola ( Round Table Knights rmx )

12.???? – This House

13.MOWGLI – Alma Gitana ( Camel rmx )

14.CAMEL – Zig Zag ( Mowgli rmx )

15.SEBASTIEN LEGER – Balkamaniac

16.????-Love u

17.MOWGLI – Panacea

18.MOWGLI – I Want Everything

19.ASLE – Cirque du bebe

20.FCL – Lets Go

You can download it for free from iTunes here
or if you don’t have iTunes from here