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October 25, 2010

This month DeadFish is 2 years old. We decided to celebrate this with a 10 track remix album of our back catalogue re-worked by all our friends.

This includes remixes by Me (Mowgli), Solo, Round Table Knights, Luca Lozano, Nat Self, Renaissance Man, Tom Flynn, Camel, Yankee Zulu and Yolanda Be Cool….

Grab your copy on BEATPORT!

DEADFISH Remixed Vol.1 by DeadFish audio


01. Mowgli & Solo – Tatanka (Luca Lozano Black & White Rmx)
02. Solo – Joga Bola (Round Table Knights Rmx)
03. Round Table Knights – Belly Dance (Solo Rmx)
04. Mowgli – Alma Gitana (Camel Rmx)
05. Camel – Zig Zag (Mowgli Rmx)
06. Camel – Cohiba (Nat Self Rmx)
07. Mowgli – London To Paris (Tom Flynn Rmx)
08. Camel – Obrigado (Yolanda Be Cool Rmx)
09. Camel – Mariachi (Yankee Zulu Rmx)
10. Solo – Afreaka (Renaissance Man Rmx)



October 20, 2010

Oli D.A.B & Robin are returning with there monthly party Superfilth at Brick Lane’s 93 Feet East.
The ‘Halloween All Nighter‘ on the 29th October will host Daniel Haaksman, Lil Silva and DeadFish’s very own SOLO, among others including Oli D.A.B & Robin themselves.

Also…Oli D.A.B & Robin made a DeadFish Podcast exclusively for us!! Enjoy!

Oli D.A.B. and Robin – DEADFISH podcast 10/10 by DeadFish audio

You can also download it from here:


01. Hypno- Doo Doo
02. Midland, Ramadanman – Your Words Matter
03. Mr.Ho – Bumps
04. Rachel Barton – Goose Step
05. Solo -Joga Bola (Round Table Knights Remix)
06. The 2 Bears – Follow The Bears
07. Mr.Ho – What We Want
08. Breach – Man Up
09. Wafa- Ewid Disco (TEED Remix)
10. Mike Monday – Grace (Justin Martin Remix)
11. Maya Jane Coles – What They Say
12. FCL – Let’s Go

DEADFISH FAMILY & FRIENDS Returns! + MOWGLI nu Mix to Download.

September 24, 2010

The DeadFish family return for a new season of parties at the DALSTON SUPERSTORE on Thursday the 14th October.

Join us at Dalstons very own Superstore venue with a later license and a little more space (The Family is growing ). DeadFish will be bringing you the parties they are now renowned for with MOWGLI , SOLO and the DEADFISH FAMILY as well as some very special guests in the place every 2nd Thursday of each Month…

“Oh, and to set the mood Mowgli has put together an exclusive nu Mix available on the DEADFISH PODCAST now!

MOWGLI – September 2010 Mix – DF podcast 09/10 by DeadFish audio


September 14, 2010

Here’s a nu mix from CAMEL, exclusive for JACKMODE Agency
We thought you may love it…so here it is free to download on the DEADFISH Podcast.
Featuring tracks from CAMEL / MOWGLI / ZDS and more… Enjoy!

You can download it for free HERE or stream below:

CAMEL – JACKMODE Exclusive Mix – DEADFISH podcast 09/10 by DeadFish audio


01. Soul Clap – Break 4 Life
02. Davide Squillace – Cubism
03. Sick Jargon – Chunga
04. James Flavour Feat. Sasse – Whos In The House (Luna City Express Rmx)
05. Alfred Heinrichs – I Don’t Know (Sascha Braemer Rmx)
06. The Martin Brothers – Steal Drums
07. Lopazz – New Dimensions
08. Thyladomid – The Voice
09. Damian Lazarus – Neverending
10. Kolombo – Kagomba
11. Mowgli – Flor de Cana (CAMEL Rmx)
12. Zombie Disco Squad – Spooks
13. Jewel Kid – Musica
14. Aki Bergen – Black Jazz
15. Camel – Zig Zag (Mowgli Rmx)

DFEP17 – ZDS feat SPOEK – We Should Bang Tonight Ep + ZDS DeadFish podcast Mix !!

September 6, 2010

Lucas and Nat have been my first and best english friends since I moved to London 3 years ago. They helped me a lot when I didnt know anybody and couldnt speak a word of English ( even tho they’d say my English its still pretty bad ) 🙂

Their party, “Get Rude”, it’s the first party I ever played in London.
Said that its really not necessary to explain how happy I am to have finally a ZDS release on DF…

Re the track music speaks for itself, remixes are from Me (MOWGLI) and SOLO (Stefano Ritteri) … Enjoy.

DFEP17 – ZDS feat. SPOEK – We Should Bang Tonight Ep by DeadFish audio

Grab Your copy on BEATPORT!!

Also here a preview of their exclusive mix for the DEADFISH podcast !!

ZDS – DEADFISH Podcast mix 09/10 by DeadFish audio

MONKEY SAFARI Exclusive Mix – DF podcast !!

September 1, 2010

Our friends MONKEY SAFARI have sent us a superb exclusive mix…
Grab it on the DEADFISH podcast!

MONKEY SAFARI – DEADFISH podcast 08/10- Exclusive Mix ! by DeadFish audio


01.Monkey Safari – Those Dancing Days
02.Andhim – Patty Sue
03.Special Interest – Don´t Need It (Dan X Mo-Sax Mix)
04.Remerc – Western Train
05.Monkey Safari – Bamboolica
06.Poligono – Calambres (Chris James Remix)
07.Juan Magan & Marcos Rodriguez – Bora Bora (Mastiksoul Remix)
08.Worthy & Yankee Zulu – Humble Mumble (Jackmode Special)
09.Monkey Safari – Dopetrain
10.Gonzales – I Am Europe (Claude VonStroke Dub Mix)
11.J. Phlip – Go Low (Renaissance Man Edit)
12.James Copeland – Jungle Boogie
13.Johnny Cash – Walk The Line (Monkey Safari Remix)

You can download it for free from here

Nu YOLANDA BE COOL MIX!! Deadfish podcast 08/10

August 22, 2010

YOLANDA BE COOL sent us their nu mix! Check it out..
Free to download on the DEADFISH podcast!!


01.Mike Okay – Linda (Pocket Billard Remix)
02.Mowgli – Flor de Cana (Camel Remix)
03.A.L.C.A  – Calling Africa
04.David Keno, M.In  – Can’t Feel
05.Luigi Madonna – Frizzantino
06.Eric Volta – Django
07.Kabale Und Liebe – Since You Looked into My Eyes Fest the Fog
08.Monkey Safari  – Zumbador
09.Round Table Knights – Cut The Top
10.Jazzbit (Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP Dub) – Sing Sing
11.Daniel Steinberg – Maccareno
12.Tube, Berger, Juliet Sikora – La Boca Loca (Simon2 Remix)
13.Gregor Salto, DJ Gregory – Canoa
14.Makossa & Megablast – Soy Como Feat Cleydys Villalon

OLI D.A.B. & ROBIN JULY MIX 2010 – DF podcast 07/10

July 20, 2010

Its been a busy summer so far for OLI D.A.B & ROBIN having made appearances at Gottwood Festival, Wales, Lovebox festival, London & supporting Chromeo at an exclusive London show and played amazingly well received gigs in London & Brighton.

Both members of Mowgli’s Deadfish Family & Friends partyz and long term residents for one of London top ware house parties TROUBLE VISION they have also taken things in to their own hands co promoting their monthly party SUPERFILTH at Brick Lanes 93Feet East, a night that has been ahead of its time over the 3 years since it began, hosting line ups of some of the UK and Europe’s best dance music acts.

Catch Oli D.A.B & Robin at the Pagoda stage – secret garden party, next Friday, 23rd July. Then don’t miss SUPERFILTH at 93 feet east (30/6/10) where the boys are playing host to two on Belgium’s finest prospects, Commonphase.

This mix represents the deeper side of their record collection, a slow summer time groove…perfect for those long summer evenings!


01.Sundowna (Layo & Bushwacka’s Tropix Mix)
02.Fifty What (original mix) – Sandro Silva, Anjiro Rijo
03.Ei Sheket (ft. D.O.P) (Original Mix) – Guy Gerber
04.Livia Bang The Drums (drums Version) – Guy Gerber
05.It’s What We Do (Kink & Neville Watson’s Ruff Dub) – Donnacha Costello
06.Trolista (Round Table Knights Remix) – Dubble Dutch
07.Bitter Sweet (Original Mix) – Strahil Velchev
08.Marimbaby (Original Mix) – Ryan Crosson, Guti
09.Red Tape (Original Mix) – Michel Cleis
10.Dark Glasses (Original Mix) – Michel Cleis
11.Humble Mumble (Extended Mix) – Worthy, Yankee Zulu

You can download it for free from here

SOLO RMX – MOWGLI feat Tara McDonald – Cant Stop Singing + JACKMODE mix

July 15, 2010

We have a double treat on this one…
Our man SOLO has nu hot rmx out of MOWGLI feat Tara McDonald – Cant Stop Singing….clearly loved on the dance floor …
…as you can see from the video.. check it out !!

Grab your copy on BeatPort!

+ an exclusive mix that SOLO made for JACKMODE. Enjoy it!!


01. No Worries-Butch
02. Como me Gusta
03. Et Moi-Voltaxxx Lissat
04. Cdr
05. Miami Whatever-Sebastian Leger
06. CdR
07. Briseuntokke-Mijail-C.Agras- Loko Rmx
08. Bama-D.Amo J Navas
09. Cdr
10. Piano Mistake-C.Agras-N.Oveda
11. ScrubThe Tub- Edwin Oosterwal
12. Cdr
13. Cdr

You can download it for free from here

CAMEL – Electric Cookin’ – Vol.1 – DF podcast 07/10

July 12, 2010

We have a fresh nu mix from CAMEL
Also features CAMEL nu rmx of FLOR DE CANA , MOWGLI upcoming release! Hot stuff people, get your sun cream on…


01.Skit M.I.P.W.
02.Solid Groove – Throwing Stones
03.Luna City Express – Mr Jack (Catz n Dogz RMX)
04.David Keno – Wait for more
05.Tim Green – Iotan
06.Pierce & Jeri – Roots 2.0
07.Dj T – Bateria – Special Dub
08.Jamie Anderson – Rare Grooves
09.Hectro Couto – On Funk
10.Camel – Bamboo
11.Nikola Gala – The Process
12.Andhim – Quetschkommode
13.Mowgli – Flor de cana (Camel RMX)
14.Round Table Knights – Stomper
15.Camel – Cohiba (Nat Self RMX)

You can download it for free from here