This month DeadFish is 2 years old. We decided to celebrate this with a 10 track remix album of our back catalogue re-worked by all our friends.

This includes remixes by Me (Mowgli), Solo, Round Table Knights, Luca Lozano, Nat Self, Renaissance Man, Tom Flynn, Camel, Yankee Zulu and Yolanda Be Cool….

Grab your copy on BEATPORT!

DEADFISH Remixed Vol.1 by DeadFish audio


01. Mowgli & Solo – Tatanka (Luca Lozano Black & White Rmx)
02. Solo – Joga Bola (Round Table Knights Rmx)
03. Round Table Knights – Belly Dance (Solo Rmx)
04. Mowgli – Alma Gitana (Camel Rmx)
05. Camel – Zig Zag (Mowgli Rmx)
06. Camel – Cohiba (Nat Self Rmx)
07. Mowgli – London To Paris (Tom Flynn Rmx)
08. Camel – Obrigado (Yolanda Be Cool Rmx)
09. Camel – Mariachi (Yankee Zulu Rmx)
10. Solo – Afreaka (Renaissance Man Rmx)


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