SOLO – MidgetMix – Feb 2010

Hello boyz and girlz, SOLO has dropped a nu Mix filled with pure groovy- bangers!
Love the introduction of this mix!! Also includes the exclusive SOLO rmx of MOWGLI – Can’t stop singing.
I think it really explains the SOLO treatment that you get when the man get his hands on the buttons! Love it! get your copy now…and stay tuned… lots of exiting nu stuff are coming up!


01.Mf Doom- America’s most blunted
02.Round Table Knights – Calypso
04.Filthy Rich – Arumba
05.Sandy Huner – Rare Tap – 2000 and one cut
06.MAgrinhos- Japonesa
08.Jan Solo- Un Tabaquito con Ron – Muzzaik remix
09.Dj Madskillz – Surface
10.New Boys – Crickets
11.Dave Rose, Deka – Tumba me
12.Mowgli- Can’t stop singing – Solo Remix
13.Dani Veiga- Control
14.Pet Soul Boys- Calypso Soul- Edu Imberton Rmx
15.Cdr- Circus 16.Dean Martin – Ain’t that a kick in the head

You can download it for free from iTunes here
or if you don’t have iTunes from here


2 Responses to “SOLO – MidgetMix – Feb 2010”

  1. Minnie Says:

    I’ve just blogged about you all, hope you like! x

  2. Derek Says:

    Superb mix! You guys really need to throw some parties in the States…L.A. If you can handle it.

    Gotta ask though, who did you get to do the vocals for the Dino track? Very smooth, best I’ve heard truthfully.

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