DFEP10 – CAMEL – Zig Zag E.p. Out Now !!

The first ep by Camel on DeadFish put him on the radar of many djs around the world, after radio plays from the like of Pete Tong and few remixes, He’s back with a 3 tracks ep that I’m sure will gain him even more attention:

“Zig Zag” has one of the most original sample I heard recently, “Obrigado” is pure and simple GROOVE and “Neon” it’s the perfect 6am stomper.


Cassius: yo ! thanks again obrigado is the one for me i’ll play it for sure zdar of cassius
Brodinski: Again and Agian…deadfish is ON FIRE. camel is amazing, it’s the PErfect Club Music For Me. Big Fan Of This Release… especially the Neon One. Big Support (again) !
Crookers: Neon is for me!
Axwell: good stuff! Will check them out
Noob: Brillant ep Love the Camel groove ! Full support x
Sinden: obrigado is a nice rolling track. deadfish doing it again!!
Djedjotronic: Zigzag is the joint. Deep & dubby.
Zinc: Bella Italia!
La Riots: All three tracks are quality on this release but Obrigado is definitely the heater on this EP! i love everything the Deadfish guys are putting out.
Mixhell: Camel is killing again! killah track!!!!!!!! DE NADA!!!
Teki Latex: solid stuff!
Hi Jack: Good stuff! Like all 3. Obrigado for me
Drop the Lime: i will def get behind this whole ep, obrigado is a smasher!
Riva Starr: Camel style is growing on me, big ep!
Rachel Barton: Hardly ever get an EP where I’ll definitely support all 3 tracks but this is one for sure. DF fam has done it again, a great start to 2010 from Camel – thanks!
Matt Walsh: Camel is easily the one to watch in 2010, more killer tracks here!!
Radioclit: Solid Stuff
Dave Nada ( Nadastrom ): great follow up for Camel! was a fan of the first deadfish ep, this one’s even better. “obrigado” is my fave, but will be giving all three tracks heavy rotation for sure.
Hannah Holland: Neon for me, fresh like spring !
Ville (Renaissance Man): Zig Zag works, and so does Obrigado! Go DF!
Martti (Renaissance Man): Cool EP. Zig Zag being the favourite. Nice Yello vibes going on in Neon btw.
Lee Mortimer: Cool late night groovers
Casper C: A solid EP from somebody I have very high hopes for (the last EP was killer!). Sounds good, even if I am only listening on the Mac speakers right now! :p
Cormac ( wet yourself ): diamond release!! using all 3 tunes here.. Neon is top!
Harvard Bass: obrigado is my jam
Mathieu ( Surfinlions/FormaT ): Bombs as usual ! Deadfish at Forma.T ! Definitely !
Round Table Knights: I Love Neon!!! and Obrigado too!!!
Shris Khan: Solid EP. Very groovy. I like Camels stuff and wanna hear more and more.
Dj Neoteric: whoa! vibes! the last EP was a favourite..Camel’s got it!
Edu K: wow! the perfect summer promo! u can’t help but lovin’ Deadfish more with each nu release! Camel has been a fave of mine for a long time now – keepin’ the tradition of incredible electronic music comin’ from Italy! It’s hard to decide here but i think i’ll go with Neon!
Joyce Muniz: grande release! obrigado and neon are my favourites

Grab your copy from beatport here

Also…CAMEL has sent us his new Winter mix for the DeadFish podcast. Something that your iPod would be proud to spin !!

You can download it for free from iTunes here
or if you don’t have iTunes from here


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