DFEP08 – MOWGLI – Nu Skool E.p.

Mowgli has been locked away in the studio for most of 2009 working on new material, this is the first of the fruits of his labour as you will hear he has retained his trademark sounds but gone in a new and very exciting direction…..more very soon but for now he releases the “Nu Skool” EP on DeadFish.

London To Paris – Has the relentless driving energy of the Eurostar and contains feel of both these great cities in a full on assault of pure House music…..

Nu Skool – Is an altogether deeper affair, a hypnotic beat and bassline along with a great vocal sample sum up the Mowgli mantra of “Less is more”

Nu Skool (Camel remix) – The remix adds a more tribal beat and techy fx, with really creative cut up vocal samples…. one for 5AM…..

Grab your copy from beatport here


Dj Hell: Love it! sounds like party!
Crookers: NU SCUOLA mi piace!
Style of Eye: Nu Skool is crazy good!
Brodinski: WOAH this is fucking NUTZ. i love it man. even if we have named a track the same but in a different way (Eurostarr / London to paris) you stay my fav producer. big big support for the nu skool one.
Digitalism: yaman!
Axwell: Nice one!
Noob: is a BOMMMB, I Love it ! thanks a lot !
Jaymo: Mowgli, Solo, Riva & the crew are on fire right now – they’ve been persistent with their sound & it’s really finding its place now. London To Paris is the one for me- love that sample, love that perc, love that riser…. love. that. track.
Riva Starr: London To Paris is good!
Sinden: London to Paris, will play this weekend when i travel from London to Paris – its got that funk!
Ville ( Renaissance Man ): Nice to get some new Mowgli originals on the record bag!Nu Skool original mix is my choice.
Teki Latex: good stuff! london to paris especially
Christian Martin: Love the bassline and vocal chops on nu skool… any chance of a dub though? I guess I am just too old school 🙂
Dave Nada: Mowgli has one of the best sounds in dance music right now, period. so much style and sonically on top of his game. -nadastrom
Matt Walsh: great ep mow, camel remix is amazing too, perfect for me!
Radioclit: yeaaaaah mowgli keeps bringin the heat. being a parisian living in london i have no choice but to bang London To Paris in all sets from now on. full support from Radioclit
Steve Aoki: Like it!
Round Table Knights: London to Paris is pure House music! Luv it!
Nick Catchudubs: “nu skool” is the one for me
Malente: like new school the best. nice one
His Majesty Andre: “London to Paris” synth is one that keeps running to your head for days.
Matt Nordstrom ( Nadastrom ): great release – mowgli’s on fire!!
Jamie Fanatic: sick release! but thats what you can always expect from mr mowgli.
Elite Force: Really like nuskool (although it’s too deep for me to play) and enjoyed the fact that there’s been a shift away from those same wobbly synth sounds to something altogether cooler! Good work mate 🙂
Lee Mortimer: I’m feeling the bounce and funk to ‘London to Pars’
Joe Ransom ( Kiss FM ): Cheers Mo! London to Paris, great club track!!
Harvard Bass: lovin’ this! great sounds! i will def be playing london to paris in my sets. -hb
Shris Khan: Love London to Paris. This tracks really feels like jetting through Paris and London in one night. As I have been playing some french house in my sets again this will be a good tool for me – combing both worlds – the melodic frenchhouse of paris and the wonky house of London. Well done.
Dj Neoteric: MAJOR!!! London to Paris is a massive tune, and i fully support anything wtih a doobie brothers sample! Thanks!
Edu K: OMG! I just can’t choose between these! Mowgli is THE master! Both trax are killin’ me – n’ will be killin’ the crowd as well in my next sets! As the cherry on top the Camel mix is AWESOME! Luv Camel a lot as well! Thanx for these! In the BAG! 🙂 K
Tittsworth: dope as usual
Micky Slim: London to paris is wicked, mowgli at his best 🙂
Ac Slater: I love Mowgli’s productions and this is no exception. A solid EP that can fit into a wide variety of sets.
Cormac: strong release here..3 solid tracks nu skool camel mix my fav here
Jesse Voorn: Love it!
Momma’s Boy: wow how can i miss it, London To Paris perfect for start a set funky and groovy, Nu Skool sound really cool gonna try it tonight ll let you know how it’s work on 140bpm haha Ccamel remix is dangerous !!!
Dj Beware: London to Paris is pure feel good shit! Love it! Nu skool is some deeper sexy shit! love it!
Joyce Muniz: yeah finally mows ep!! great stuff specially london to paris is the bombe i love this disco funky samples!! nu skool is deep like it too!!


4 Responses to “DFEP08 – MOWGLI – Nu Skool E.p.”

  1. Ben Glover (Galaxy) Says:

    London to Paris is fookin lush! I want that noise in my life…

  2. Bill Bartmann Says:

    what a great site and informative posts, I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

  3. black hattitude Says:


    Thank you for the great quality of your blog, every time i come here, i’m amazed.

    black hattitude.

  4. Roscoe Says:

    this tune is masssssssive !!!!!!!!! playing it loads – big ups mowgli and the deadfish crew

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