DFEP06 – CAMEL – Dada

Nu addition to the DeadFish family.

Camel is the new project of one of the most loved and respected Italian djs. Resident at the infamous Link in Bologna he sets the dancefloors on fire all over the peninsula since the early 90’s.

4 tech house gems in pure DF style!
grab your copy from beatport here

Dj’s Feedback:
Matt Walsh: Tech House with balls, love it!
Style of Eye: Dada is a bomb!
Brodinsky: amazing Mascara is perfect, Future Club Music.
Radioclit: good stuff rrr
Lucas ( ZDS ) : cohiba is for me!
SOLO: Dagggggglie!!!! ( Roman expression to say Com’ooooonn 🙂
Justin Martin: dada is my fav… will definitely play
Nat Self ( ZDS ): Cohiba has a nice steady groove which I like. Will enjoy playing it in panorama bar this weekend
Dj Zinc: loving the deadfish sound! b
Dj Neoteric:Wow, very solid EP, it was hard to pick a favourite. Going to let these sink in, but likely will give them all play! props! thanks!
Willie Morales: Good release will play for sure…. thanks Cohiba and Mascara are my favs
Round Table Knights: A really nice EP! Cohiba is amazing!!!
Nick Catchdubs: “Dada” and “Mascara” were the standouts, thanks for sending.
Aston Shuffle: Hard time finding a favourite mix here, really love Dada and Mascara, we will be playing these for sure.. Deadfish keeps putting out mad music
Worthy: Really digging this whole EP, Mascara and Dada are doing it for me the most!!!
Joe ransom: Realy feeling this whole EP, cheers!!
Kissy Sell Out: gimmie gimmie! good stuff
Edu K: whoa! Camel is AMAZIN’!! I been play Lleba n’ Lebowski in my sets 4 a long while now! N’ Cohiba is reaaally amazing! As usual, Italy rocks my socks!! 🙂 Edu K
Renassaince Man: Mascara does it for us. Cool stuff!
Shir-Khan: Another great release on Deadfish. Very funky! Full support on Radio Fritz and on the dancefloors. Mariachi is my favourite but I also like all the other 3 tracks. Din-Da-Da! Greetings to George Kranz.
Dave Nada ( Nadastrom ): awwww hell naw y’all didn’t just do that! this is funky as hell and a classy mix of one of favorite party jams.
Malente: dada is my fav. Great!
Dj Beware: Really strong release! Dada is super catchy, Cohiba makes me smile, but Mascara makes me put my screwface on is the winner!!!!
Joe Ransom: Realy feeling this whole EP, cheers!!
Teki Latex: love it all, amazing release, go deadfish! favorites so far are mascara and mariachi but dada gets love too
Bingo Players: Full support on Mascara
Tittsworth: Heath!
Foamo: always love deadfish releases… cant wait to drop some of these in ibiza this weekend!!!!! big!

Also we have a special treat for you people, CAMEL latest mix
You can download it for free from iTunes here
or if you don’t have iTunes from here


01 Rene Bourgeois – 4 my records
02 Worthy – Surdo
03 Zombie disco squad – Vie
04 Camel – Cohiba
05 Minimow – Bollyhouse
06 Renaissance Man – What is Guru
07 Camel – Lleba (Clark able rmx)
08 Daniel Steinberg – Cry all night
09 Mihalis Safras – Chicas latinas
10 Ray Okpara – A belover
11 Camel – Lakota
12 Camel – Dada
13 La pena – Kenya
14 Miguel Toro – Sissteray
15 Solo – Joga Bola
16 Radioclit – Secousse ( Round table knights rmx)
17 Basti Grub – Mal wasss Andre’s


3 Responses to “DFEP06 – CAMEL – Dada”

  1. andy Says:

    i love it!
    we have blogged about this wonderful piece.

  2. Pelski Says:


  3. Makeup Tips Says:

    Hi hun, great blog! I really treasure this post.. I was curious about this for a while now. This cleared a lot up for me! Do you have a rss feed that I can add?

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