SOLO Fabric Mix – DF Poadcast June 09 –

Here it is, SOLO Fabric Mix 09, this SOLO’s mix is all over the net world.


-The Godfather Theme

-Cypress Hill-“Hits from the Bong”

-Mfdoom&Dangermouse-“Sofa King”


-Dj Chus,Niki B&Christian E-“Hossa”-C.Soul Rmx

-DjGregory&GregorSalto-“Con Alegria”-SOLO Rmx

-Gramophonedzie-“WHy Don’t You”

-James Brown-“Super Bad”

-S.Samson-“Riverside”-Afrojack Rmx


-Bastian Schuster-“New Orleans”

-Dj Jean,Asino-“The Bomb”

-Afrojack&Diplo-“How I like it”-Kid Kaio/R.sinester Rmx


-SOLO-“Joga Bola”

-Dennis_Dj Vasco- ”

-Renaissance Man-“Spraycan”

-Layo&Bushwacka-“Love Story”-SOLO Bootyleg

-L.Charmes,Kid Kaio-“This sound is”

-Maskio-“Human Jungle”-Santos Reedit

-“Flash 2.9”-Cdr

-Tiga-“Shoes”- Noob Rmx


-Max Romeo-“Play with your pussy”

You can download this mix for free from Itunes here
Or if you don’t have Itunes from here


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